DCS For Power Plant A power plant DCS supervises embedded applications such as Boiler ,Turbine & Gernerator control, overspeed protection, vibration monitoring, safety instrumented and Fuel Process ...etc READ MORE Automation For Industries In the oil and gas industry, unconventional methods and extraction under more difficult conditions are becoming more common. This makes safety and efficiency even more important. READ MORE PLC For FACTORY Equipment for monitoring and operator control is needed wherever people have to work with machinery and plant performing all kinds of tasks. READ MORE PLC Programmer A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Programmer programs and operates PLC systems used to automate processes in manufacturing and other industries. READ MORE SCADA SYSTEM In automation systems in control rooms, considered as main centres, redundant server/client structures READ MORE SOLAR SYSTEM Solar Power for water pumping station using most reliable, original and optimised cost. READ MORE

PLC System Integrators

We will support you in selecting any PLC or Industrial PC based tailored to the project’s needs. This is based on the brand of your preference since the right choice of equipment will allow you to have a stable platform and systems, expandable according to your development needs, and a quick return on investment.

The environments where we have a great experience are:

  1. Siemens
  2. Allen Bradley
  3. Delta Electric
  4. Mitsubishi Series FX

PLC / Machine Panel building

Skilled Specialists

Our team is made up of a staff of specialists, SCADA systems integrators and PLC programmers with great experience who have the knowledge and ability to handle different programming languages, which gives us the flexibility to work in a wide variety of environments and various industries.

In MatrixEA we are specialists in PLC-HMI integration. Moreover, we provide remote support for Africa, Iraq and anywhere which will optimize your maintenance costs in all aspects.

Maintenance and troubleshooting fundamentals for industrial automation

Maintenance and troubleshooting includes replacing, adjusting, and repairing elements of a machine or system so that it can properly perform its required functions